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 My name is Ruth Elia, I was born in 1963 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Numerology, Tarots and "Who are we in this world?" were my early interests, and continue to be today.

My interest in numerology began eighteen years ago, as I was intrigued by the powerfulness of numerology I began to study its fundamentals. Therefore, over the last years, I learned the subject extensively, using it to better understand my friends and interpret events on the universal and personal plane. Only after overcoming my scepticism was I able to understand the practice, its patterns, unity and the coherence of the universe.

When I began practising numerology professionally in Israel, I already had a deep understanding of the science and what it suggests about life itself and I was able to consult my customers on a constructive and meaningful level.

In 1999, I developed the renowned numerology system which artistically displays every number and cycle in an individual's profile. Nowadays, I provide my services globally, online, by phone and face to face.
I offer a unique tool that will assist your journey to transform your life in a positive direction in any domain.

I have consulted individuals who were stuck in an intersection and had the urgent need to decide which path to take to increase their profits and financial living, relationship breakdowns, tragedies, traumas, health issues.